"The unexamined life is not worth living"

giovedì 7 novembre 2013


We live in a society  where it has been suggested different times to everyone to follow one's own dreams and that those dreams cannot be just simple ones but must be huge. Then the fact that this same society give us the means and teach us the right attitude to follow them, remains secondary. But actually the biggest problem is the way of thinking which is gererated by the will of validating only certain dreams. So it is right to dream to be famous, but it isn't right to dream to be a baker.

This brings to an attitude where everyone run towards the top of the social ladder at every cost, even losing one's human dignity. But on the top there is no space for everyone: the result is a frustrated and mean society.

In a just and realistic society every dream should be validated: each job should be worthy to be dreamt about and pursued and so it should be treated with the same respect. In this prospective it would be considered right instead of unjust to allow the access to each job only to those who possess the peculiar skills.

Unjust is to push everyone towards the top knowing that there will be space only for a few lucky ones. And it is a lie to claim that only certain jobs are decent and worthy of admiration.

In order to be able to achive this aim it would be also necessary  to remove the salary difference based on the type of job and put in  one based on the amount of hours and on the quality of the performance. Let the possibility of  doing the job of one's own dreams be the reward for doctors, lawyers, etc for spending many years studying rather than very high income.
The result would be a fairer, happier, more satisfied and productive society.

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  1. Perhaps the impedance life is now experiencing is due to "false" goals and urges. Too often society follows rather than leads. Decide where the "
    I" lives and what "I" needs ( not wants !!!!!) then decide what "I" has to offer to the world and society at large without an underlying agenda or goal.
    Then life may be simple and sweet.